Welcome to ALARA Industrial Hygiene Resources!

ALARA Industrial Hygiene Services Ltd. was originally a Canadian occupational hygiene consulting company, that operated between 1987 and 2018.  It was founded by a husband and wife team of occupational hygienists, offering a comprehensive range of consulting services in occupational health and safety. We retired from active consulting, but are still interested in helping people with occupational hygiene problems, hence the change in emphasis of this web site.

We continue to do some consulting by telephone and email but no longer do in-plant investigations. We decided to shift the focus of ALARA toward providing educational material and online services on a not-for-profit basis.  By concentrating on an online model of information delivery we hope we will be able to offer cost effective informational assistance world-wide to assist under-serviced areas of the world. This is frankly an experiment. We do not yet know whether there is interest in the information and material resources we have accumulated, but we are reluctant to discard them when we know that there is still a strong need for occupational hygiene improvements in workplaces in Canada and around the world.


As consultants our goal has always been to protect the health of workers, the natural environment, and the community from hazards arising from the workplace.

We hope to continue to do this, assisting other occupational hygiene and safety professionals around the world who may lack our resources for developing appropriate control procedures to improve worker well-being and productivity.

ALARA is an acronym for “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”, a philosophy first promoted by health physicists regarding the reduction of exposures to ionizing radiation. Occupational hygienists appropriated the concept for application to all workplace hazards, be they chemical, physical or biological. The ALARA principle recognizes that although it may not be possible to reduce exposures to zero, we should work to reduce workplace exposures as much as is possible, to reduce potential for harm and protect workers from exposures that could lead to disease or impairment.


ALARA Occupational Hygiene Resources, info@alaraihs.com