Air Sampling Workshop – Who should attend?

The following list is a partial list of the type of people we feel have benefited from attendance at our air sampling courses in the past and who we think would be interested in the material we intend to offer at this site in the future. This list is based on job titles of previous attendees. If your present (or future) position is described by one or more of these job titles, you probably would find this site a valuable professional development resource.

Occupational / Industrial Hygienists Health, Safety & Environment Managers
Environmental Coordinators HazMat Coordinators
Occupational Hygiene Technologists Industrial Hygiene Lab Technologists
Environmental Analysts Industrial Hygiene Chemists
Environmental Technologists Health & Safety Managers
Mine Technicians Safety Officers
Occupational Hygiene Consultants Environmental Health & Safety Coordinators
Mine Technologists Laboratory Safety Managers
Industrial Hygiene Technicians Health & Safety Consultants/Trainers
Ventilation Technologists

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