ALARA Course Registration and Payment Policy

We sometimes have to cancel courses where the registration is too low for the course to be viable (typically where we have fewer than 10 registrants, one month before the course date). Our policy has been to cancel one month before the course date to ensure that those who have registered have not made final travel arrangements and booked hotel rooms.

In the past, this has rarely resulted in problems, because either a course fills quickly, or there is clearly insufficient interest in the course topic to make offering it viable and cancelling inconveniences few people. Those who have registered early are always guaranteed a place the next time the course runs.

We have decided that the easiest way to avoid disappointing people unnecessarily is to require registration with payment from attendees no later than 31 days prior to commencement of the course. That way we can clearly see if there is sufficient interest to warrant running the course. We expect that if course registrants are required to apply with payment before this cut off date, we can avoid unnecessary course cancellations. This will also help us to decide which of our courses we should continue to offer and which we should discontinue.

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