ALARA has discontinued occupational hygiene field surveys

ALARA has decided to stop offering fields surveys for assessment of occupational exposure to chemical and physical hazards. We are also rethinking our approach to our occupational hygiene teaching activities. We are presently not offering any of our intensive courses as we have been involved in other endeavours. We may continue to offer some of these courses in a modified format in future, possibly in an online format. We have considered the possibility of presenting courses spread over several weeks, a few hours per week. This would allow course participants to take the courses from work or home without the added expense of travel. We still have to solve a number of problems particularly with regard to the practical sessions that have been a central part of the courses.

We have not yet finalized our plans in this area, but would probably start with a single course as a pilot project to see if an online approach is practical. We will provide more details in this space when they are available.

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