Air Sampling Workshop – Course Description

Toronto, Canada,
Course Director: Charles Pilger, CIH, ROH


ASW010Air contaminants in the workplace are an important source of potential worker exposure to chemical hazards. Reliable monitoring for these contaminants is an essential part of the health risk assessment process. To evaluate worker exposures to airborne contaminants, the hygienist must understand air sampling strategies and be skilled in air sampling techniques.

As part of its commitment to occupational health education and training, ALARA is offering a new two day version of its course in practical air sampling techniques. This course, like the 3-day course it replaces will provide participants with many of the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge required to conduct reliable air monitoring surveys. Participants will gain hands-on experience with conventional air sampling equipment for personal exposure monitoring, and some real-time air monitoring instruments. The course has been designed for professional occupational hygienists who feel the need to enhance their knowledge of air monitoring as well as recent entrants to the hygiene field who need to know how to conduct air sampling for chemical contaminants in their workplaces. This workshop replaces our 3-day course, which we have offered 44 times in the past.

Course enrolment was limited to 15 participants to maximize hands on experience with sampling equipment, and participant interaction, when offered as a classroom course. When offered in an online format, class sizes per session will be similarly limited. A brochure and registration form are available here.


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