Evaluation of IAQ/IEQ

Indoor Air Quality / Indoor Environmental Quality a 2-day practical workshop


IAQPic01Indoor environmental quality problems are a major cause of lost productivity and discomfort in non-industrial workplaces. Air quality and other problems such as lighting, noise, and workplace design may contribute to staff discomfort and loss of productivity. A detailed evaluation of the indoor environment, using recognized and reliable methods, is an essential step in solving these problems. In addition to an understanding of air sampling strategies and skills in air sampling techniques, the investigator must be able to assess physical and biological hazards, and be able to recognize ergonomic and psycho-social factors which may contribute to the IEQ problem.

This course will provide participants with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to enable them to conduct meaningful and effective IAQ/IEQ investigations. Participants will gain experience with monitoring instruments used in standard and advanced evaluations of the non-industrial environment. Emphasis will also be placed on investigation protocols and interpreting data according to current guidelines and standards where these standards exist. The course has significant technical content. It has been designed for occupational hygienists and technologists, building engineers and managers who want to enhance their knowledge of indoor environmental monitoring and problem-solving.


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