We are both highly trained and experienced occupational hygienists, and were certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and the Canadian Board of Occupational Hygiene, throughout our period of active consulting practice. Both of these organizations require that the holder of the qualification have at minimum a 4-year degree in science or engineering plus 5 years experience working under the direction of a professional hygienist, followed by successful completion of examinations covering all aspects of occupational hygiene. 

In addition to postgraduate training in occupational hygiene and chemistry, we have training in, psychology, microbiology, business management, computer science and ergonomics.

We have more than three decades of experience in all aspects of occupational hygiene and can provide a very extensive range of health, safety and environment related expertise.

We own and are experienced with the operation of a wide range of personal monitoring and area air sampling equipment, noise monitoring and other instrumentation. As a result we are well equipped to provide advice on the evaluation of worker exposures to the majority of workplace hazards.

ALARA Industrial Hygiene Services Ltd. 103 Parkview Hill Crescent, Toronto, ON Canada, M4B 1R5