Noise Exposure Evaluation – Course Outline

Day 1

08:30 Welcome and introductions
08:45 Characteristics of Sound And Noise – the nature of a sound wave, mechanism of wave propagation, concepts of frequency, wavelength, amplitude, intensity, frequency distributions, octave bands, sound power, sound pressure level, decibel notation, continuous, intermittent, impulse noise, noise averaging.Demonstration of ear’s frequency response and perception of intensity differences.
10:00 Break
10:15 Working with decibels – decibel addition, concept of exchange rate, calculation of average sound pressure levels with different exchange rates (Lav, Leq) calculation of noise summation from multiple sources. Practical exercise in logarithmic calculations using calculators and computer spreadsheets.
11:15 Health effects of noise – anatomy of the ear, auditory effects of sound, hearing loss models, threshold shift, temporary and permanent threshold shift, recent research on hearing loss and hair cell damage, extra-auditory effects of noise.
13:00 Sound Measurement – sound level meters, design and applications, slow and fast response, octave band filters, impact meters, personal dosimeters, measurement of fluctuating noise intensities, illustration of instrumental (logarithmic) averaging, exchange rate, calculation of Lav, Leq. Community noise monitors, frequency analyzers. Equipment demonstrations.
15:15 Practical Exercise 1 – Sound level meter measurements, instrument settings, octave band analysis, measurement of impulsive noise, sound pressure level mapping,
16:30 Adjournment

Day 2

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