New Occupational Hygiene Air Sampling Workshop

The 45th offering of our popular 3-day intensive air sampling course which was to be held in Toronto in May, 2016 was cancelled due to insufficient enrolment. As a result we are reassessing whether there is still a need for a course of this type.

We had initially decided to offer a 2-day version of the course, but are now thinking that an online version of the course could be more practical for course participants and for us. This would eliminate the need for travel, but would potentially limit the course to people who had access to the equipment we have always used in our practical sessions. The practical sessions have always been a key component to the course.

We are considering making a basic kit of sampling equipment available to those who do not have access to equipment at their location. This option presents its own set of problems that we have not yet completely resolved. Further details of the course will be posted on this page when they are finalized.

Who Should take this course?

Classroom Setting

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