Occupational Hygiene Air Sampling

ALARA offered a 3-day, hands-on, occupational hygiene air sampling course for the first time in 1995. This course was extremely popular and we continued to offer it for the next 20 years, as many as three times a year. In May, 2016, our 45th offering, had to be cancelled due to insufficient enrolment. Although we still get requests for the course, we no longer get enough interest at any one time to justify the expense and effort of presenting it in the traditional classroom format. At the same time we believe that there still is a need to disseminate this information.

We initially thought to offer a 2-day condensed version of the course, but then thought that an online version of the course might be more practical. This would eliminate the need for travel, but would limit the course to people who had access to the range of equipment we have always used in our practical sessions. These practical sessions have always been a key component to the course, but we know that most people would have limited interest in instruction on equipment they did not have at their worksite. 

We finally decided to try repackaging our course materials for this and our other courses in a website/blog that would be useful to people who needed help with hygiene equipment they had at their workplace. At the same time we could offer advice to people with limited financial resources as to what equipment they should spend money on. This approach presents its own set of problems that we are working to resolve. If you are interested, please check back periodically to see what we have been able to put together.

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