The Hygienists

Marg&Chuck-HygienistsMarguerite Pilger, CIH
Senior Occupational Hygienist and Project Manager.
Marg has a BSc in chemistry and a BA in psychology (Waterloo) and a MEng in industrial hygiene (Toronto). She conducts occupational hygiene field investigations, indoor air quality assessments, designs and maintains hazardous materials databases and presents courses, workshops and in-plant seminars in occupational health and safety.


Charles (Chuck) Pilger, CIH
Senior Occupational Hygienist and Occupational Hygiene Chemist.
Chuck has an MSc in organic chemistry (Waterloo) and an MEng in industrial hygiene (Toronto). He has taught university courses in occupational health and safety and environmental analysis for over 15 years. He has directed the activities of three occupational hygiene teaching and analytical laboratories and continues to collaborate on research projects in occupational hygiene and environmental health. With Marguerite, he continues to present a range of industry specific in-plant worker training programs and a number of professional development workshops in occupational hygiene for practitioners in the field.

For the last few years Chuck and Marg have been heavily involved with the work of Workplace Health Without Borders, a not-for-profit organization promoting occupational health in the developing world

 Ethical Practice

We adhere to and promote the ethical, professional practice of Occupational Hygiene. We are bound by the codes of ethics of the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. Our primary interest lies in assisting our clients to protect the health and safety of their employees.

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